In a Past like the Future
and a Future like the Distant Past

on a World Light-Years from our own

the Survival of Man

is in the hands of Three Women

2057 AD:

Three astronauts leave Earth on a secret 
exploratory space mission and discover a 
lost Asian civilization, light years from Earth...

A beautiful, mystic warrior is forced 
to make a horrible, heart-breaking choice 
between her people and the man she loves... 

That was then, this is now.  

Our story begins in 2064 AD. Seven years after the death of her lover, Sheenyana, a warrior with mysterious psychic abilities, remains tormented by guilt and grief. On top of that, she has lately been haunted by ghostly visions of a beautiful goddess or "Megami" from a distant past. However, before she can figure out what her visions are trying to tell her about her destiny, she must decipher the secrets locked in the weapon technology left behind by the astronauts from Earth. And time is short. An enemy tribe is gathering at their border... a fierce group of warriors with a massive army led by the man who killed her parents and left her orphaned as a child. 

Meanwhile on Earth, a secret search party is preparing to set out to find the missing astronauts and will stop at nothing to discover the truth...

The first episode in an epic saga, Megami: Legacy for the Gods tells the story of a brave warrior, her love for her people, and her incredible destiny.