The Kyontawa

Sheenyana - A beautiful, mystic warrior, and also the most trusted political and military advisor to Shogoto, the ruler of the Kyontawa tribe. Her clairvoyant abilities and intelligence are reflected in her name, Sheenyana, which means "Sees Far" in her native language. Seven years ago, she was chief ambassador to the astronauts from Earth, and fell in love with Lt. Richard O'Connor. Forced to make a horrible choice between her people and the man she loved, she remains haunted by the memories of her actions. Through her grief, she must find a way to soldier on to unravel her destiny and that of her people. 

Xionko - Crown princess and next in line to the throne, Princess Xionko is headstrong and impulsive. Guided by Sheenyana, she must learn the skills and wisdom she needs to be worthy of the title of Queen-Ruler. A warrior in her own right, she and Sheenyana work together to battle against the invasion of the fierce neighbouring Tokono Tribe. 

Shogoto - The ruler of the Kyontawa tribe, Shogoto, knows that he must be a pillar of strength at this time of war. With his people's fate at stake, he is a gentle yet implacable force. Having seen many loved ones, including his brother (Sheenyana's Father) die in battle, he will do what it takes to save his people. 

Shogami - Queen of the Kyontawa tribe, and wife to Shogoto, Shogami is an accomplished artist and a brilliant archer. Steadfast at her husband's side, she provides sage advice in times of turmoil. 

Ree - Sheenyana's daughter, a bright and rambunctious girl who seems to posess mysterious powers of her own. 

General Doumoku - Leader of the Kyontawa army, a fierce and skilled fighting force, General Doumoku works closely with Shogoto. A peace-loving tribe, the Kyontawa do not fight unless necessary, but when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with. 


The Tokono

Kanukami - The leader of the neighbouring militant Tokono tribe and a ruthless warrior. Kanukami led a vicious assault on the Kyontawa once, and now returns to slaughter them again. He murdered both of Sheenyana's parents when she was a child.

Shan'Li - Daughter to Kanukami, Shan'Li trained at her father's side beginning from when she was a child. A fierce warrior, she is skilled, but also arrogant and callous. The youngest daughter in a large family, she longs to prove herself to her father and gain his respect. 


The Distant Past

Kyshiyo - The last Princess Goddess, or Megami, before the collapse of the empire. A strong, compassionate ruler, gifted with psychic abilities, Kyshiyo was the spiritual and political leader of the planet. Her spirit remains and guides Sheenyana through visions. 

General Katsuo - A humble man with the strength, quality and poise of a shogun. Kyshiyo's most trusted advisor. 


The Mission from Earth

Lt Richard O'Connor - An American astronaut who honed his wings as a fighter pilot in the US Navy. Richard was the pilot of the Eagle III mission, Earth's first faster-than-light interstellar expedition to the Alpha Centauri star system. His love for Sheenyana led him to question their mission, but not in time to avert his tragic fate. Now caught in a netherworld, he discovers that he is part of a great prophecy and an even greater destiny. 

Dr. Denise Hanson - Canadian Medical Doctor on the crew of the Eagle III mission, and good friend to Lt Richard O'Connor. Her happy-go-lucky personality combined with her vast scientific knowledge kept the crew sane and safe. 

Dr. Theresa Hanson - Twin sister to Dr. Denise Hanson, Theresa is more serious and less social  than her sibling. A scientist and Harvard graduate, Theresa doesn't waste time on niceties and prefers to work alone, choosing to live in a small rural town. Fiercely competitive, she has no problem eliminating anyone in the way of what she wants, and she will stop at nothing to discover what has happened to her sister on the Eagle III mission. 

Major Denise Hinoki - Best friend and chief rival to Dr. Denise Hanson, Major Denise Hinoki of the Canadian Air Force was next in line to be on the Eagle III mission. A world expert in xenobiology (the study of life beyond planet Earth), she and Denise went to medical school together, and then were colleagues in the Canadian Space Program. When she comes across classified information regarding the Eagle III, Major Hinoki inadvertently sets the stage for a sinister renegade space mission. 

Lt Commander Bellwood - The leader of the Eagle III space mission to explore a little known planet in the Alpha Centauri star system, which appears to contain an abundance of a rare ore required for faster-than-light space travel. A practical man and a good soldier who always puts duty first, his priorities are to ensure the safety of his crew and the completion of his mission: to certify the planet for colonization and development.

Sergei Volga - A ruthless Russian operative and spy who seeks the riches and power available to those who can harvest the rare ore found on the Kyontawa's planet.